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National Institute of Mental Health
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Eastside Chapter
Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous Seattle
Alanon Greater Seattle Area
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 There are often many resources available to accomplish our goals.  Whether we are in
pain, working to enhance the progress in our lives, or having the difficult experience of
watching someone we care about struggle unsuccessfully with their problems, there are
usually many things that we can tap into to create success, heal, and find peace.

 In addition to counseling, education and mutual support have proven time and again
to be effective aids.  Listed below are links to supportive communities and both
governmental and non-governmental agencies that can offer powerful resources.
The National Alliance on Mental Illness  
consists of those who live with mental
illness, their loved ones, and professionals.
Alcoholics Anonymous is the largest peer support
program for those who have a desire to quit using
mind altering chemicals and maintain abstinence.
Alanon is peer support community that assists the
addict/alcoholic's loved ones in finding solutions to
common problems.
NIMH and NIDA are governmental agencies that
offer the most comprehensive and current research
available on mental health, mental illness, and drug
use.'s Online Support Group Directory is a
comprehensive website offering a
broad range of information regarding
support groups, as well as available
counselors and agencies.