Chemical Use and It's Effects

For those who have been effected by chemical use, the realization that there is
nothing that cannot be taken away becomes clear.  Whether we are talking about
the person who struggles with their chemical use, be it alcohol or other drugs, or
those family and loved ones who stand in the path, this is true.  We watch the loss
of dignity, health, happiness, financial security, social standing, and too often the
lives of those we love.
 The first step in turning our lives around is usually getting help.  For the
chemically dependent or abusing person, this usually means an assessment and
treatment, followed by abstinence assisted by a group process.  For family and
friends the path is different since the one they love might or might not get clean,
yet getting involved in a support program is just as vital.  While the impact of
chemicals can be devastating and recovery can feel complicated and overwhelming,
this can become a wonderful and enriching journey.  The skills and rewards that
we gain through the process are beyond value.  In either case, as we engage the
recovery process, sometimes we need more than might be provided by a support

 As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with significant education, training and
experience in working with those who have struggled with chemicals and the
families and loved ones around them, I understand the challenges you face.  I have
found that this is a disease that can be fought.  While it is common to experience  
uncomfortable emotions such as fear, pain, and guilt; we can develop goals and the
strategies in order to get your life back.  
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