During our teens and early twenties, much of our focus is on the transition from being
“our parent’s child” to the development of how we see ourselves as something new,
something different, something we choose to become.  This usually involves trying out
new ways of behaving, talking, and thinking.  We likely question what we have taken
for granted.  This search can span from experimenting with what foods or music we
like to what values make sense for us.  While this exploration can be very smooth and
easy, sometimes it can be chaotic, rapidly changing or highly uncomfortable.  
       Talking to friends and or/parents can often be helpful but this can also be a time
where we aren’t quite comfortable with how they might react or just aren’t
comfortable to have them know certain things about us.
       During this transition from childhood to adulthood, having someone safe to talk
to, who cares, can be helpful in making meaningful choices.  These are areas that I
find it helpful to engage in what is called motivational interviewing and discuss what
your goals are and problem solve with you how best to accomplish those goals.  
Sometimes these goals can be pretty vague and that’s ok.
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